Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quarterly Report

You may have been wondering..."where did those Elza's go?" Well, we are alive and so is the house. Or we should say, we've been getting by.

First we tore down more walls in hopes of a fast renovation - insert laugh - and then the flood waters came (three inches in parts). We were not prepared to handle this new challenge - but, who is really - and we mucked our way through with the help of wonderful family and friends. Basically, what was housed downstairs is now upstairs and we have been left with a mess of a basement and a crowded construction zone - i.e. the upstairs. So, we now have been living in a chaotic state for almost two months. Who wants to come over?

Here are some photos of the past three months - you've been asking and now we are delivering...brace yourselves.

As you may note, we have made quite a mess of our new home. However, the next batch of photos should be a bit more uplifting. We've actually put drywall up! You'll just have to wait to see...