Monday, July 7, 2008

A Line Level Can Save Your Marriage

When it has been pretty darn Fox Valley-July hot and we've been working hard all day, I say the edging brick looks like it isn't sloping right. And get a look that says and "how am I supposed to tell what's level you [wonderful person]".

Aluminum and simple, on spooled string pulled taunt (thankfully purchased on a whim at ACE a few days before), sets the approaching evening back to calm.

Pathways now added to the side yard -- looks like we're headed toward the finishing touches (finally).

Gentlemen -- I exhort you: Invest in a line level. Relationships may hinge on your good decision.


Leanne said...

That post was super funny! The yard looks really nice, guys. You've been quite busy!!

Jon said...

What's going on guys.... over there.... ? Haven't heard any "noise" in awhile. Did the demo continue... we need to schedule something in Sept.... but just a note, the 20 and 27 are no good for us! :)

love yaz...

miss yaz.....